Tu me manque... Ik mis je.

do you miss me?
'cos i miss you

I dont want to write a list
but youll get the gist.

I see your eyes some times
accross the bar,
but your so far, away,
you wink at me through someone else
you smile but I turn away

"I miss you too," you say.

Dont think, Im crazy, I miss breakfast in bed,
breakfast in america, too.
breakfast in bed for two
cheese on toast
champagne for a toast.
its warm the pain
of lies and love...

mostly love
it filled my belly with butter
flies me so high
there was no need
for pennies and cents
it meant,
no need for weekly meets,
hourly was not enough,
shared fun and tears,
and daily chores
no fun,
mill run,
day in,
day out,

So why dont you reply,
keeping it all bottled up?
Im keeping bottled up,
but it doesnt help,
please reply.. it'll be easy
you dont need something to say
I know im crazy...
about one thing
its... you..

My computers broke, it has a little problem reading mp3s and video. I cant make any beats, so I've taken to writing poetry... not bad... not the first effort though.