La route est... lange????

After my massivly emo blog last time, I've decided to go with something a little more uplifting. So I have scanned the blogosphere in search of some cool remixes for you to grab before google rips down all the available free downloads. Also there are is this crazy pic ubove from someone who obviously has waytoo much time on there hands :) Strange questions and my crazy comments...
too start with grab these great La Roux tracks, I love her, even if she is POP as hell..... mmm am I bulletproof??

In my little scan of the blogosphere it is intriguing to see that the tunes that we were sweating away too last year are just beggining to surface, I stumbled upon a proxy tune that I remember listening to on one of my first nights out in antwerp were we saw them play live. It is still an underground banger and not a mainstream tune...why is that??? its a great song... is it bad marketing on the bands behalf?? or are people so ignorant they are only going to like what there told to like???

My ego is coming back along with my confidence and my sexual appetite... thats why Ive been singing this tunre every day!! I cant believe that I hadnt spotted this guy before, but he is deffinately worth rocking out to at the moment. Going to see him on the 30th!!

mmm.. so much more to talk about; single mums, cheap wizz, mushroom season, mind reading and artistic direction being found through the long journey I am following right now....
I need you all to comment, I need you tell your mates about this stuff so as to increase my reader base.... I think I still want to take over the world!!! [... sadly Im locked in the kitchen most of the day, so my few moments of freedom are often spent relaxing not running around working :( ]
I want to know more about the IOW music scene.. where are the phat blogs?? sound systems?? free studios?? whos promoting?? whos remixing?? who's creating anything worth listening too??
... or is there really nothing on this god-forsaken island??