Are knits back in fashion?? For this winter??? Love this one from Pa:Nuu hope I get it for x-mas or something :D

Its deffinately a super alt piece of clothing, even if your mum and dad were rocking them back in the seventies... what about boring you grandads cardi and rocking out about town??

Got to go scour some charity shops for some cool knits!!!

After a moments surfing, Ive just realised why knits are soo cool, there so 8 bit.... and being a fan of 8bit it makes me think about what I will be wearing this winter. Trippy knits, skinny jeans and big boots (doc martins!!)... and maybe a trippy tea cosy to keep my little head warm...... need to get my mom to knit me a mario one or something.

What about tea cosys... there knits too!!! Actually I am soooo calling my next band "the trippy tea cosys" the first mixtape will be called "english breakfast blend" and the first single ... "earl grey's gay"... mmm Im thirsty going to find a nice cuppa now.