mmm a little laugh.. a little music... loads of fun!!

A member of boyzone is dead =D Im leaving the IOW .... soo many reasons to be happy... so much time to celebrate YIPPIE YIPPIE YEAH!!!

I can’t understand why Boyzone fans are upset by jokes about Stephen Gately.

It’s only words...

Seems he was found dead with dried fruit stuck up his bum

...... it was a date rape!!

Forever a die hard fan .....check out goldielocks new track. Ans watch this space for my remix!!! looks like a good little project for the few days off I have =D

Love this track it brings back massive memorys!!

Cant wait to start rocking the party again... i really dont have much to say soo Ill just keep on rolling out the bangers!!

Look theres a new peaches tune... HOLA.. cover it in cream any day =D

... and you can grab various remixes all over here is one from palms out:

....and now after all that noise let us take a little quiet time... to learn something new!!

gotta love that stuff tciao for now...