Sorry for the wait, here is the Purple Cauliflower

Wow... no wonder people were asking for an update; its been a long time since I posted here, its been a long hard slog of a summer, and when we thought it was nearly over we are still ploughing on cooking for 100 plus people a night.

My nerves are shot, my fingers are coverd in cuts, my legs in bruises. I cant sleep anymore because I think I have PTS, I dream re-ouccuringly of peoples faces melting and the evening service that wont never end, its hot and all I can here is
"check on.... CHECK ON!"
"Chef theres no more food in the fridges"
but he just wont listen...

But there have been some good things to come out of it, I have biceps for the first time, and although I ache I feel fitter and harder than ever before, I can run and not get out of breath, I can talk shit like a true hardend chef and I can peel 25kg of spuds in under 40 minits. Good news tho from the kitchen, we have been awarded with a brief passing comment in the good food guide... not a full review because the inspectors only arrived on the island a few weeks before the book was published. But it did give us a little boost, its not like we ever get any positive reinforcments from our chefs... if we can only keep on improving our dishes and our standards of service then we could be looking at a good little rating by next year. Hopefully better than 2/10 which heston got for his Little Chef.

My friend asked me today "are we ever going to get 3 rosettes??" I said I dont know, I just dont know what it means. . . .

Three Rosettes are awarded to outstanding restaurants that demand recognition well beyond the local area. The highest quality ingredients receive sympathetic treatment, and there is consistent timing, seasoning, and judgement of flavour combinations. You can expect excellent and intelligent service, and a well-chosen wine list.

We have got our new menu up, its great, seasonal, fresh and stunning. The scallops are served with cauliflower puree and shallot rings. The porc tasting plate is delicious combination of shoulder, loin, crispy fried cheek, black pudding and slow roast root veg. Sadly though there is no purple cauliflower, we are not quite there on the hipness, although I did persuade the chef to make a violently purple beetroot puree to go with our salmon dish, which looks great. Any way have to get back to work ive got stocks to pass and a soup too blend hope you are all salivating for the next episode......