OhMG!!!! Oh.....MGMT

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and purple cauliflower.

There was a memo up in the chefs office the day before bestival weekend, "please make sure the bar snack is well stocked, the group MGMT will be returning late to the building and will expect room service." What ensued was a joke, the chefs werent exactly sure who MGMT were, while us hipper members of staff started to go a bit mental at the fact that one of the greatest bands of the moment were going to be staying only a few meters from us. Then we argued all evening who are bigger MGMT or The Killers??
what do you think?? I have to say I have little knowledge of The Killers, so that means MGMT must be bigger. ... although I am the first to admit that I dont exactly have a encyclopedic knowledge of all music.

Then neither do the guys over here on the IoW... look what they showed up to at the besty on... grannie mobiles???

I thought it woulld be cool to upload my fave MGMT tune, as well as a few bits of new stuff but all I could find was the new kid cudi track and im not so sure I like it; oh well enjoy ;)

Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness (feat MGMT and ratatat) cheers above the fold for the link :D