PoMo all the way!!!

Jenny Holtzer: "Protect", July- October 1994

I just read a really cool book, you'd love it. Gothic sci-fi freaky, very alt, deffinately something you could be seen reading on the subway in New York and feel like its ok to be sitting there in your ripped skinnys and taped up glasses. Whats Po-Mo about it is that they have a you tube trailer, not sure of the purpose of a video trailor for a book??? any one explain.... should i do a trailor for my blog???

My lack of real broadband is starting to kill me, how am i supposed to keep up with my fave HBO shows Enourage and the new one; True Blood??? is sitting in a smelly bathroom to stay connected really any good for me?? do I need to be connected 24/7 or can this lack of "life" style keep me happy??

I was looking at the internet to find the coolist city in the world to go too, after antwerp things seem all a bit lame. Think NY/London/Paris are all too overdone, what about montreal? or jo-berg??? where is the coolist place to live?? can some-one help me find out it would be great to get your comments. Please I need to be told where is the cool place.... not, just need to decide whether I really need to be protected from myself or can I let myself free on the universe again.....

mmmm so hot....
when will I ever see a hot girl again??? maybe i can be her nerdy BF