Artistic Direction??

Its been so long I have completely forgotton how to write; Not! (though there have been a few mails to request news of me, as I slip away into anonimity, but dont worry people, Im here and alive just wondering where to take it all)
I've been thinking; who is this Sam fella anyway, why cant he just show his face and clambour into reality's bright lights in a tiny effort to make a connection with the world??
and where is this whole thing going? six months of sober attempts at living have resulted in very little; are artistic endevours feuled by drug and drink or is it just hard to make things?
a finished product is never finished untill you are satisfied with it? so am I too much of a perfectionist or is this just an advancement of my artistic self? or an improvement on my whole self?

I have been spending a bit of time messing around with fruity loops, here is my first track, Im not happy with it, Its not great? but it will doo, maybe in two years time I will be able to look back and laugh at my feeble attempt, or maybe it will be a snapshot of anather one of my crazy periods.

Space-D - Sam A. Muze

Space-D (too mashed-up to see mix) - Sam A. Muze

Where to go from now???
Keep trying to make better music??
Launch a viral campaign about this track, and make myself a worldwide blog hit with absouloutly nothing??
Will people understand the Po-Mo irony of it all anyway??
Find someone to sing on this track?? buy a microphone?? Buy a Mac book??
Start a new art project??
Start a sticker project on the IOW?? - I have to design a new logo! any help, any one??
Learn to drive?? (this is a serious issue I have to get over my whole fear of cars and get on with it!!!)
Stop wishing I could run away and buckle down for a while? life is shit anyway?!