A healthy appetite for conspiracies!!

So after my first gripe the other day about super-markets, we went further afield for a giant shopping experience. We managed to take in a health food store, a market and a waitrose. So much fun I just had to sit and write about it all, but it has got me thinking!!

A trip round our local market shocked me, firstly it was 20 minutes drive and then there was a distinct lack of food stalls; in the market with about twenty stalls there was on fruit stall, one butcher and one bread and cheese stall. The rest was clothes and nick naks, a snack bar and several florists. It was all very different from what I was used too. But it has to be said that shopping outside in the sun alongside the OAP's made me feel like the trip was worth it and we managed to stock up on fruit and veg for a little more than 20 pounds, so great value.

Then we made our way to Waitrose. Waitrose has recently been voted as the nations top supermarket, on a BBC watchdog, and I have to say was a enjoyable shopping experience. The aisle's were wide, clean and well organised and the shop had some great ingredients. Yet, it was all; over packaged, overpriced and over-prepared produce. This has to be a common problem with all supermarkets, but my biggest complaint was some of the marketing ploys that were completely misleading. (See the montage below)

I have noticed that the big difference on arriving to the UK is the amount of pre-prepared meals in the supermarkets. This is why when I walk down the street I see so-many overweight and ugly people; (this is not snobbery,) throughout Europe people joke at how ugly the Brits are, and with the highest proportion of overweight people in the EU, we are a nation of fat ugly slobs. Now I do have an appetite for conspiracy's so I started to wonder why British people are the fattest and the ugliest, and I didn't have to look far; ITS THOSE HORRIBLE SUPERMARKETS that are to blame.

Supermarkets are not helping us getting any skinnier, home delivery means you don't need to leave the comfort of your armchair to do your shopping, and then you can buy such a huge selection of ready meals, you barely need to leave the couch to cook your dinner either. As I walked down the ready-meal aisle of this (not so super)-market, I found proof beyond belief. I was greeted with the signs, "As good as a going out," "ready meals" "easy to cook" and then a giant sign "Healthy Appetite.." which hung over some of the most un-healthy looking food I could find; Nachos and loaded potato skins! Can this be true I thought to myself "Healthy Appetite????" how is it possible? Not only are they the fattiest and most horrible foods, they are also telling me that they are healthy??? How are we ever going to win the war against heart disease and any other FAT related health problems, when the supermarket is selling its ugliest fattiest foods as healthy. I'm no fool, I'm sure that people know that this is not healthy, I don't believe that they can, But isn't it wrong that we are being subliminally told that, ready prepared food is healthy, and good for us??

It is the fault of these supermarket giants that we are becoming a nation of fat slobs who really believe that we can buy a plastic packed microwave dinner, and it will be as good as going out to eat... and healthy??