Ca m'amsue PAS !!

Wohoo, I've got the first gripe for the blog!! I left the house today to do a quick grocery shop at my local budgens super-market, though super it is not! The parents had decided that they would like a nice piece of fish for lunch, and although we new that the supermarket is not the best place to buy fish, we could risk it and I started to formulate a plan on what to get. Memories of a trip to Auchaun in bordeaux brought to mind the great selection and huge Ilse of fresh fish, I remembered live Lobster and Spider Crabs swimming in tanks next too a huge display of fresh mackerel and eel, huge salmons and plenty of great fish to eat all sitting on packed ice with friendly shop assistants helping you choose, gut and bag your next fishy dinner. Of course the local budgens is a lot smaller and I did not expect a the great selection. So, on arrival in the super market we grabbed a bag of their great tasting apples and headed for the fresh fish ilea, in search of inspiration. Low and behold, close to the fresh vegetable, was a large sign directing us to the fish town. I smiled, as the sign said "Fresh Fish, a great source of Omega three" but as I servayd the tiny refrigeration cabinet my heart skipped a beat, there was breaded fish and peeled prawns a plenty, but where was the fresh fish?? packets all wrapped in plastic and pre-prepared cod in white sauce. "Where is the fresh fish?!?" I exclaimed and there in the bottom of the fridge were four or five plastic wrapped packs of "fresh fish," I winced what a choice, salmon, cod or smoked haddock. Pre-portioned and packaged in layers of plastic, not a fish head, bone or bit of skin in sight; what can I do; obviously the English definition of fresh fish is really not the same as mine. Where I had imagined a bit of local trout or a nice piece of Scottish salmon, I had to glumly settle for some manky little farmed salmon steaks at a pound a piece!!

Now, I really hate supermarkets because they have destroyed the way people eat in this country, M&S are selling jam sandwiches (To Be Confirmed), There is more space in most super-markets devoted to frozen and pre-prepared produce rather than fresh healthy produce, and the worst thing is there are millions of marketing gimmicks showing us how each individual supermarket is helping us lead a healthy life. "Its wrong" I sob, "all wrong, how can I stop this madness??" Well for now, I cant do much, I will just keep on moaning on this blog maybe it will make a change.....

This morning I read that Waitrose has just one a BBC watchdog for being the best supermarket , so tomorrow mum and I are going to petersfield to check it out and see why people think it is the best, then Ill come home and tell you all about it!!