Finally a new name and with it a new blog!!!

Well its taken some time to make it here but I finally came up with a name....

Sam A. Muze

My new nom de plume, if you write it correctly it would be; Ca m'amuse, which in french translates too, that amuses me, or that entertains me. Finally a name with no restrictions, so I can just sit down and blog about anything that I like. It can be my favorite rapper, the latest mixtape from my DJ mates, pics from my GF or a rant and rave about things in the UK; (When missing europe becomes too much). Maybe I will throw in a recipie or two?? (please answer my poll)

I don't want to really make any reference to real people so each person in my life that affects and influence me will be given a new name and thus complete anonymity will be shared by all... unless they need some help with their google ranking that is. So don't expect a secret view into my private life; I realised that being exposed that way gives me huge amounts of paranoia (though It might have been the huge amount of weed and drugs that I was on.) That has all had to stop, I think I will make life a bit more simple. I am now like tanguy, ending my 6 year fiesta and I will move forward and try and drop into the matrix of normality, not that I will ever be average though!