Grimey, dirty, sounds to dance in silence to.

Read about Logan sama over on goldie-locks blog and I checked out his site and fell upon this little you-tube nugget, Grrrrrrimey freestyle from big H & 9 milley major. This shit is sooo underground that they dont even want-ta do it on the radio.

And then stepping away from the underground I got some fresh new stuff on the torrents this week;

"Walking on a dream by Empire of the sun" - is being hyped as one of the best albums of 2009 and although I think it's a great sounding synth pop album, I am stil not impressed enough with its "fuck you" style members and really un-impressive re-hash of 80s pop, I still feel the need for something new to break through. (click to get it for free)

"Ministry of sound's addicted to Bass" - is a three CD extravaganza of mainstream electro/D&B/dubstep remixes and although it pulls together some great tracks I feel this could have been mixed with a bit more skill and a little less name dropping. (click to get it for free)

"Pitchforks Top 100 of 2008" which I think is an esentual addition to your iPod, get this if you were asleep in a barn for the whole of 2008 and you still be the hippest at the iPod flashmob! Tracks include; Portishead, Hot Chip, Friendly fires, little boots and sooooo many more it will make you dance, laugh and cry in one tape. (click to get it for free)