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cool pics from Si'tayla

This new Herve Track just dropped over at Chemical Jump, and as expected it is full of awesome drum work and a jaw dropping build up; what more do you need from one of the UK's best producers at the moment; I also thought it would be fun to throw in an old remix or two of his... just so you can have it all.. he is releasing a new single.. you should probably go buy it.. me too =P

On April 4th you got to make sure go out and grab the new les Petit Pilous record "Belle".. in fact you can pre-order it right now.. just so you don't forget. I don't feel like I need to introduce this french electro wizards but if you do feel that you don't know who I'm talking about I suggest you check out there Myspace; what else do I need to say Daft Punk inspired electro bangers that make you dance until you cant walk. (Thanx Chute De Strings =D)

Plus one of my faves old tracks from them!!!

I also found a new Fukkk Offf remix... If you dont know who that is then you really should read more of my blog!!!