Ummmm Drop your pants;

I was going to write about a new electro artist; then I realised that it might be more interesting to write about an Electro-blog that I have become a massive fan of; Recently I heard someone say that there are 20'000 electronic music blogs accross the internet; and it sometimes seems almost impossible to find one which constantly delivers quality elctro bangers. Yet it seems like once or twice a week these guys just post an awesome number of tunes from undiscoverd and well known artists that just blow my ears, and often my load too.

The writing is reminiscent of a 15 year olds wet dream, with more sexual references than redtube, yet if you unerstand it, its humour and tone walks hand in hand with grimy hard electro tunes that it shares, and sometimes its relevent too. OK so it is a French language Blog; pushing it up the hipster scale many notches; but you don't need to understand French to enjoy the great tunes that these guys share. Just add it to your reader and enjoy it.. what more do you want me to say??