Valerie collective...


I thought I would write two seperate posts about The Outrunners and Anoraak both artists have been on playlist for some time, but on doing some research I found that they were both part of the same collective. So instead I am writing about The Valerie Collective based in Nantes the collective started in 2007 was originally about all things great from the 80's, but this blog has since evolved into the marketing machine behind both artists and several other Nante based groups. All the artists in this collective are influenced by the 80's and have Uber-cool French synth sounds, haunting melodies and sunset lyrics. Makes me dream of sitting on the beach sipping cocktails watching the sun come up.

Anoraak - I saw him live in Antwerp a few years back and for a guy hidden behind a bank of synths he had a stunning stage presence and I was wowed into being a fan ever since. Hope you enjoy these tunes I know there a bit old but sometimes you have to write about what you love not whats new and hip.

The Outrunners - Although they've been on my playlist for sometime I dont know much about them and I cant really find out that much either, just the strange description they have released about tarmac and neon lights... oh well, its stuck on repeat right now so who cares.

The collectives most recent mixtape post is this great little mixtape from Finish collective Lauri Soini definitely a little eye opener... I didn't realise anything came from Finland apart from hot horney chicks.