Justice New Single

biG miNiaTURe wOrLd
its a scary world of fakes and lies

Ohh yeah... watch me be one of the first to break it too you!! As predicted in previous posts, france's most religious dance act is releasing a new single, but it doesnt sound like a single... a justice track yes maybe... but a New single to announce a new album that will be released in september '10. I really cant believe it. Its a FAKE!!! Or at least its probably a little scam to get us all a little hyped up about Justice. Lets not forget we havent heard much from them recently; any way here's a copy for you to listen too.
Daft Punk have got a new single out too, oh no there in on it too. Why are soo many Fake singles and old releases being put out as new ones, put here is a track that know one seems to be able to tell that its a fake.
Thanx to chemical jump for the trax =D >>>>On the other hand I have thrown in a cool little track from Breakbot, pretty sure that the breakbot is official as it is on the official Ed-Banger blog.