Not Sunday but Monday Mega Post!!!

Snowy Cow

Heres the first installment of my plan to do mega posts every Sunday... but its Monday evening and I've only just finished. Sorry, I have had quite a busy week so I didnt really get a chance to post as often as I wanted to but watch out for my post about my new cooking blog which Im going launch in a few weeks.

Old Stuff

I cant wait to hear more in 2010 from justice.. as they are going to "Hopefully" release a new Album... my nephew loves this track and its been such a long time since I heard it that when it came on on shuffle the other day I got the best feeling.. it reminded me of learning to dance tektonic in front of the mirror back a couple of years ago. ENJOY!!

OMG what ever happened to these guys, I was soo in love with the lead singer but I fear she might have gone off the rails.. their mysace is only showing only a few gigs over the summer so maybe theyve gone back in the studio.. anyway I hope we here some more of their electro/indie/bleepy stuff later this year.

New Stuff
Vampire weekend's new album contra came out today... it rocks!! I have allready heard heaps of the tracks and in my true pirate manor have managed to grab the torrent to give it a good listen. I had for goten how shit indie music was 5 years ago and Im soo glad for the naughties, the internet and the huge amount of real garage bands :D

The way to nick it!!!

I keep popping to to have a quick read of my fave US music mag and it just seems to be dominated by UK artists (specificly London based) it seems as though thieve only just realised how sick us Brits are at music, is it the rise of globalisation or have they just forgotten that the beetles were british?? Anyway tottally digging a bunch of the tracks that theve got for download so I suggest yopu go and have a look :D

Thanx for the guys over at tympanogram for constantly feeding me heaps of new music, that i normally wouldnt listen too, but because I tottally love downloading stuff for free I impuslivly click the links and end up listening to loads of random stuff... like...


If I was a millionaire I would have loads of stuff but becasue Im broke and on the dole I hate stuff. But surfing the net you cant help but be sold stuff so here is a few things I found that I really like!!!

Poken me or Poken U?

Poken are USB device to interface the real world to your online life... instantly share all your social web details when you meet someone else with one of these by simply touching them together!! So cool I want one!

I think they were made for me :D

Gourmet vs Pepsi - Uno << (get more info here :D)