Acid Girls - Lightworks OFFICIAL VIDEO dir. Steven Ilous from Steven Ilous on Vimeo.

Dont know too much about this but I am loving this video full of cake, loads of CAKE!! Yummy!!! LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!

Acid Girls - Lightworks (Harvard Bass Remix)

ooooo pretty..

Sick new kicks from supra and australian customizer Sekure D, cant wait to get my hands on a pair (more info here)

Not doing such a good job as last time at making it into nice sections but I do have loads of mp3s that I have grabbed so you can fill your life with more un-necessary junk. Here are a few inspired by your facebook posts:

Heres a great new remix form Antwerp cool kids The Oddword, unusually calming... but it deffinately rocks!!!

Example released his single "Wont go quietly" so heres a great little remix of it for you to enjoy:

Then theres a little magic video from Dyanamo who I quite good at bugging people on twitter.. always entertaining when boredom strikes, so go and add him if you have a twitter;

I updated my twitter lists too soo add me and read my twitter lists, you might find it quite amuzing or even learn something.

..and then some mixtapes too just to round it all up from me. What a productive week I have had.. NOT!

Eating/SF is a music blog that combines music and foodinto one glorius blend... you should deffo check it out; Heres there January mix for you to sink your teeth into..

More from Example;

I just popped over to the Ed-Banger blog the other day and was stunned by the number of tunes available for free DL; Heres a DJ Mehdi mixtape for you to take away but dont forget to give them some LOVE

AND FINNALLY...... from fresh new UK youngster stopmakingme is this little gem that I've nicked from PalmsOut;

>>>>> hope you've loved this weeks MEGAPOST.... feel free to comment, add me on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or just stalk me in general... Im feeling spent and abused NOW.