Resolutions for 2010

...once in a blue moon!

I love this time of year.. its like a mini rebirth of the world as everybody approaches the final big party before the end and then counts away the final seconds to a fast approaching new beginning. Time for me to make some resolutions.. time to think about what I want to achieve in the next year, and what achieved in the last... and lets be honest 2009 was a bit horrible, credit crunch, family tragedy and general patheticness have left me on a major downer. So here's a list of uplifting self improving things for me to do in 2010, some of you might feel this is all a bit irrelevant and pathetic but putting it here will help me. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010

Go on a detox;
After the over indulgence of the yuletide festivities, its time to go on a detox. No booze, No caffeine, No meat for a month; maybe this will help in mind and body, and I know its going to make me look and feel better.

Get a six-pack (stomach);
I'm sure you've seen those adverts all over the internet advertising the secret way to getting a six-pack in 6 weeks. Well they have inspired me to get one too.. sadly it is not as easy as clicking on the accept button. But maybe in my continued search for the meaning of life this can be a good test of my motivation. (You can some of the e-books they are selling here BOOK1, BOOK2)

Be Nicer;
Some times I find I'm arrogant, Some times I'm not very nice to people, sometimes I'm downright horrible. We wont have anymore of that.. I have decided to be nice to everybody that I meet. We are all human, its time to spread some love.

Be more creative;
More art, more writing, more music, more creating. Time for me to do something creative every day and keep a record.

Have an adventure;
I want to go somewhere and have a real adventure, push myself to the limit. Climb a mountain, jump out of a plane, help people in a far away country. There's loads more stuff to do than just sit in front of my screen and dream.

More magic;
Some of you know me for my magic, some just know that I like to trick people, I think its time for me to take my little parlour tricks to the next level. Practice, practice practice.

Be responsible;
Having avoided as much responsibility as possible last year, maybe its time to take on a bit more responsibility... I'm about to hit quarter of a century.. maybe I should stop acting like a tween.

Be Real;
LOL Sam A Muze is not real.. so maybe that might be a major change for 2010... though I do like having a pseudo.