What's going on in CHICAGO, you ask?

PARTIES! Parties are going on everywhere, and here in Chicago we're keeping it wild n' crazy with awesome flashback parties like this Saturday's "Party Monster" themed "DIE TONIGHT" event, a party that will be taking place on the first Saturday of every month at Chicago's very own, brand spankin' new Beauty Bar! (www.beautybar.com) As a resident party-goer, model, and makeup artist, I've been asked to help host and do glitter-tastic makeup for all of the patrons. So by the end of the night, hopefully it'll look like a bar full of Club Kids!

But seriously folks, parties are for real here. No cover, hosted bars, beautiful people. Here's a taste of my week so far (and uh, DURRR I am the female with the crazy curls):

So, as I sit here nursing my hangover, I'm contemplating ideas for glittery makeup purchases for the "Party Monster" event! Also drooling over the lineup... DANIEL HUNT will be doing a LADYTRON set!!! Also spinning are our resident DJs; Dark Wave Disco and Midnight Conspiracy. We've even got Skyler coming to spin, taking a break from the award winning Monday night party, REHAB at Debonair Social Club. REHAB beat out weekly parties all across the country for Paper Magazine's Nightlife Awards!

And with that, I'm off to get myself put together for the day.


Love from Chicago,