The synth pop phoenix..

Il pleu toujours dehors... ce ne ca arette pas. j'en peux me soule l'angleterre. Le gris, l'absence, les soiree seule... que vais je faire c'ette ete?? Time for some uplifting synth pop... there is soo much of it floating arround at the moment, every few days new gems on my playlist that seem to surface on the gray days... when I can find them. Much needed for the days when I cant quite bare to open the door and leave the house... all I need is before me, so no need to leave, all I have to do is finish concocting that tangeble tasty treat for you and then let you sit back and enjoy =D

To begin with Antoni Maiovvi horrer synth king, graces us with this synth jewl that glitters accross my soundscape, maybe Ill listen to this on that trip to mars we're planning.

Antonio Maoivvi - Future Space Love Party

The synths drift on the wind from the cold wastes of the north Karin Park.. beautiful swedish/norwegan songwriter rise's from the ashes with this haunting tune. But it is san diego's Grey ghost and his haunting remix's wich top off the day.

Karin Park - Ashes (Grey Ghost & Mezzir Remix)
Ladytron - Predict The Day (Grey Ghost Remix)
Felix Da Housecat - We All Wanna Be Prince (Grey Ghost & Deth Hertz Remix)

Finally is always gauranteed to have well selected chill wave when in need... I always like to pop over there on a sunday and listen to the tunes emerge... saves diggin through the internet trashcans to find a good one =D