Sam A Muze - Spring Podcast 1

spring in tokyo barbie

Yes people its finally here... the first weak rays of British sunlight are sneaking into the depths of my hole in the ground arousing the need to party, so here is my first little mixtape for 2010. Its full of haunting melodies, anxious lyrics, sunny beats and tunes to bring tears to your eyes. Best enjoyed early morning with a sunrise and a beautiful woman, after these 45 minits of aural pleasure you'll be ready for anything.

(Episode 1)


Glass Animals - Golden Antlers (WP Remix) (FROM KidCity Blog)
Rudy Currence - Christmas Card (Buckmaster's Love Dub) (FROM Palms Out Sounds)
We Have Band - Divisive (Carl Craig Remix)
Jump Jump Dance Dance - Show Me The Night (Human Life's West Coast Girls Remix) (FROM Human Life Music)
Oliver $ - You Got It (FROM KidCity Blog)
Brodinski & Yuksek - Sunglasses At Night(Brodinksi & Yuksek Remix) (FROM rcrdlbl)
Josh Wink - Stay Out All Night (Radio Slave Remix) (FROM Protect Ya Neck)
Baba Black - Dirty Sheep (FROM Palms Out Sounds)
La Roux vs Wolfgang Gartner - Yin For The Kill (Dave Spoon Bootleg) (FROM Dancefloor Mayhem)

On a more geeky note you can see that I have put in all the sources of the tracks.... and if I havent found a source then I have thrown in a mediafire link so you can download the track on its own. There is also a very exclusive track in there that no-one else has got... soo get it quick as the band might ask me to take it down soon. Also as you have managed to get this far dont foget about my first Mixtapes;