Help my inbox is full...

I really want to start posting more original material, but I'm slow at producing it. I feel like I might be missing out as a blogger and you lot will be missing out as my readers too.. so as I start crafting my next little podcast I thought I would just like to try and keep you up to date with a few of the tunes that I'm digging. I do seem to have heaps more tunes recently, it seems as though if you get behind for just a second my DL box just gets packed... so I have to really keep on top of it...

Anyway I was trying to work out where I procured this little gem bordelais, I think it was from chute des strings, but it is deffinately a great intro tune from these (fairley) fresh producers, nice synth work and of course good Geometry. I was actually wondering if they had anything to do with the hard-tek heads I knew as a kid in Bordeaux, they lived in a bus and had a very odd array of old computers and even older synth's.... anybody know??

You all know who Kavinsky is and if you follow me on twitter or facebook you might have noticed that I shared the video for this tune sometime ago, since then a couple of super cool remixes have surfaced, so here they are for you to enjoy.... plus the origional of course.

Nerk & Derk Leyers a couple of wonky clubland producers from Berlin... havent really found out too much about them yet but they definitely have some pretty cool tunes on there myspace (and they have wierd names =D). I like the tune purely for its use of samples from mars attacks, its great its bouncy bass is harmoniusly paired with UFO sounds and the evil little green mens lughter... made me smile and shake my booty.

I really dont think I like the new Crookers album.. as a whole it feels a bit too comercial, a bit too disjointed, it feels like they have just attempted to pack in as many big-name to a artists into the record to make it commercially viable. But what can you expect from a couple of DJ's who have made them selves known to the world via blogosphere promtoed re-mixes an an awsome live act. I like albums to sound crafted, like a musical journey that demonstrates the bands awareness of there surrounding world, a reflection of each musicians inner-self... but cummon how many of those do you see?? From crookers I expected something that sounded more like one of there live sets... but who would buy that record?? Anyway there are a few floor filling tunes on this record and here is one of my fave remixes.. talk about big-names here are three of the biggest electro names in the last couple of years on one track.. and sadly I like it

Any-way I'm still ploughing through the tons of tunes in my inbox so I promise to keep you lot all up to date.. and I am planning a new podcast early next week!!