Free Bass Music

Here is a great little idea for your next music project.. set up a blog and gently update it with original content for a little while, after you have started to get noticed and developed a few followers/readers why not release your own album.... don't sell it... just give it away, and if your not giving enough away; tell the world how you've promoted the whole process, and how successful the techniques are... well, thats an idea that seems to work.

Id and Baobinga, two highly acclaimed producers turned bloggers started bass music blog in 2009 to promote there work and those of there fellow DJ friends. They have just released (yesterday) The Bass Music sessions for a little donation to a good cause or free if you cant afford that.... and let me say its worth the little sign up process. (GET IT HERE) The tunes are blend of afro beat, two step and bass wobble madness, with a few hip hop samples throw in for good measure. You can tell I've only listened to it once soo far, because I feel it is not exactly ground breaking and definitely wont make it into the "Hit Parade" for a little while but it has created a lot of blog buzz and is definitely something to have on your iPod. I just wonder how long it will last. From a blogger/muzeo point of view it is very interesting to see how they are documenting the process of the whole album release, The Dairy of an album launch is giving fans a behind the scene view of how a band goes about getting itself "noticed" in these modern times.