Sneaker Tweeters

More superb shoes, sick kicks and great tracks what more does a man need??? This post is too celebrate my super duper new Twitter list Sneaker tweeters.... check it out if you want to get ur own custom shoes and be a real ghetto super star!

These custom nike's simply titled "Stars" are from one of my fave sneaker cutomizers "Artist Luna"... you can check out her sneakers here and she has recently been customizing for LL cool J as well as other famous peeps... you should check out her new blog too. I love her almost high fashion approach to shoe customization, she does some great girls shoes too all hand painted and uniquely designed just too make you stand out from the crowd a little bit more.

Soo maybe not high fashion, but deffo a sneaker freaker himself here is french DJ Brodinski's new mixtape... ENJOY!!!

Bonus -

Remix my kicks have heaps of shoes available over on there website, you can even customize your own, with swarsky crystal, gator fabric and bumps. One of my fave has to be these custom "gators" deffo something I could be seen rocking down oxford street... though I'am a bit worried about the rain... do they transform and start snapping at passers by??

Here is a great dub-step remix of an old Redman tune just to get you in that creative mood when you want to design your own sweet sneakers...


Finally these superb custom Nike Autoflights titled "Ambivielent Orbs" from evolved footwear -they have these orbs which light up and cycle through several different colours... what a sick raver shoe... or for walking down country roads in the dark. I love these guys use of lights in there shoes it reminds me of when I was 11 and mum wouldnt buy me the light ups I wanted... well now worries I'm now saving up for a pair of these.. if I can get hold of them...

Oooo and a little more dubstep to wrap it all up with...