How to make it in america....

How to Make It in AmericaImage by marco_00087 via Flickr

I love watching TV but the brits seem to be un-capeable of making any great shows at the moment... well apart from E4. It seems as though the US have got the monopoly on high quality TV... Well when I say high quality TV; I mean Tv that is entertaining, has a high production value and doesn't involve fat ugly women doing something in front of a group of judges. Every week I bit-torrent my dose of Heroes, Lost, The Mentalist, Spartacus and Fringe and now I have a new one to add to my list... "How To Make It In America"

Is "How To Make It In America" the best Alt TV show since Skins???
Could well be... I think it might take a little more time to see a bit more than one episode. BUT it is HBO which helps, it is also made by the same producers as Entourage which has to be one of my all time fave shows. It tells the story of two young New Yorkers who are trying to make it to the top of there game... like the rest of us.. but we have to dream of living in NY =D The show lets take a glimpse of NY night-life, fashion and art industry, they have managed to include unknown NY artists, skaters and music into a superb blend of television glut that captures the dreams of any wannabe ALT's <-- like me =D

The show was launched with some great viral marketing including a little mixtape featuring Kid Cudi - who also stars in the show. You can also check out the theme song here. And if you cant get enough of this show then why not check out this blog --> they seem to be the best one around.