is this just a french thing???

Donovan are'nt just mates with the guys who polish daft punks helmets <-- this is from there fb page, I'm not sure they are aware of the double entendre =D Helmet polishing aside this polished parisian duo have been remixing there way to the top with an impressive fistfull of artists, including Bob Sinclare and Sebastien Tellier in there production portfolio. There personal brand of electro has a lo-fi/lo-esteem/too cool for school French sound, synths tear over dense breakbeat electro to make a come again dance music that will sooth the hips of any dancefloor hipsterrs.
There EP Chord is out on citezen records and there busy working on new material, I noticed that they tweeted getting into a newly revamped studio with fukkk offf. Watch out for these Parisian lads as they will be tearing up a club near you before not too long...