Anish Kapoor Bubbles

Woo Hoo time for a new megapost... so what have we got this week???

First of all you if you have not allready helped out.. please pop over to and help them out... you can find more info out here =D


I have found myself digging a load of dubstep tunes this week so I thought that would be a good place to start. Here are a couple of my fave dubstep remixes;

Dizee Rascal - Bonkers (Doorley Remix)

..and here are a couple of dubstep classics, nothing beets a deep bass and a heavy beat.

On the electro front I have found a great facebook group with loads of tracks available for download, so pop over to ElectroNews! Here are some of my fave tracks of the week;

Mizantrop - Tetris << beepy="" electro="">

AND heres the latest Boys Noize mixtape I nicked off of ENJOY!!

Datsik – Southpaw
Foreign Beggars/Noisia – Contact
Reso – Beats in the Basement
Bare Noize – Hangover
Emalkay – When I Look At You
Freestylers & Ctrl Z – Ruffneck (Datsik & Excision RMX)
Bare Noize – Chucky
Tom Encore – Jig
501 – Daytripper
Chasing Shadows – Ill
Reso – Armoured Core
Datsik & Excision – Swagga
Nero – This Way
Noisses feat Illaman – The Illness
Propa Tingz – Babylons Scared (16 Bit RMX)
Datsik – Jenova Project
Pure Phase – Rising Up Like Fuck You Towers
Prodigy – Take Me to The Hospital (Rusko RMX)
Trolley Snatcha – The Future
Excision – No Escape (Datsik RMX)
501 – Special Request
Bare Noize – Nocturnal (Promo)
Subscape – Bad Man
Bare Noize – Filthy Lumox (Promo)
DJ Tigerstyle – A Walk In The Dark

I have got my own youtube channel now.. check it out!!

This has to be one of my fave youtubes of the week, Goldilocks new video for has to be dark, deep and has a suprising twist at the end... ENJOY!!

Wooo this shit is CRAZZY bleepy dubby i dont even know how to discribe it you just have to watch it too understand!!! Thnks to

I found this through the new Red Bull music academy site and I cant wait to see what comes from the academy this year... enjoy something different minimal/classical mashup!


These have to be my fave sneakers in a while... check out the colours TRIPPY!!!

....other stuff

Comedian Azzis Ansari (visit his tumblr) has caught my eye this week. He recently feateured in the film Funny Men and has been on several talk shows in the US. He is hilarius!!

Sundance; Im looking forward to this years sundance film festival, even though it started a few days ago, it is always my fave film festival of the year specially as it seems to produce the most obscure and strangest movies from the US and always has the best shorts. Im looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of The Runaways (about the 70's rock band) and I have deffinately been enjoying the shorts that are currently available on there site... FREE!!

Seeded Buzz; this week apart from working on a new cooking blog I have mostly been trying to get more hits too this blog... I have done quite well for myself and I am now a beta tester for a new blogging promo tool called Im not quite sure how well it works yet but I have found some interesting posts...
2toomuchtestosterone (I love that name) has loads of fun tips on how to never get bored... not that I ever have that problem :P are worried about GM foods, in her sweetcorn that she allready ate duuh! has loads of great free stuff to do in LONDON << will deffo use this next time Im up in london =D

...something that I have noticed is that there are a lot of stay at home mums bored and blogging... mmm maybe I should get a life and stop pissing about on the net soo much... How about applying to some Jobs next week then??