Corpus de Textes and little-knowns...

I cant ever run out of good music, ever ever ever ever. The more time I spend looking around the net, the more great bands and DJ's I discover. But some times there is really nothing to say, I barely know where they come from, who they are or what they do. So I thought I would like to do a Friday post about people who have not even bothered to write a profile yet!! The music speaks for itself, tune after tune will make you sweaty, so get ready to jump around. Who cares who made it! Your rocking out in your boxers in front of the mirror, on your own anyway =D

Corpus de Textes are from France (via EL£CTRO NIGHT)

Bubblegum Sci-fi are from San Diego (I think I have posted these before but they rock!!)

Haezer (just to nod your head too =D)