Top STUFF 2009

My Fave things from this year... enjoy!!

My fave home-grown girl rapper just gently keeps in touch with her select few fans in a real genuine "IWANNAGETFAMOUSIFONLYICOULDGETOFMYASS" blog.

My fave french music blog.

My fave shoe blog.

My fave fashion with a twist blog.. GO CHECK IT OUT!!


Of course the latest obbsession for web 2.0 heres a link to my faveourite list.

My fave musicc website... downloads, TV and interviews all on one great site

Always a source of inspiration and worries... these guys are really pushing boundries


The world is so obbsessed with anything vampire at the moment but this is the best... sookie rocks!!

Magic, mysterie and murder what more do you want??

James Cameroon does it again


other STUFF

for messing up the RA with a wax canon

for beating the x-factor people.. years after releasing there song!!

Don't forget to check out the top albums of 2k9 coming soon.