some blogging magic??

Small rivers.. great idea just not sure how well it works.. anybody got any advice?? As you may have noticed I am trying to be more pro-active on my blog recently, and it seems to be working slowly... yet I still need help promoting this blog, maybe some web-wizard is going to fly down and help me :D

Still think that the web is starting to get taken over by the governments and evils of this world. Maybe small rivers can help us smaller time bloggers get noticed.. hope so!!

....on a more interesting note I updated all my house mates iPods today Little Dragon is getting killed at home at the moment.. wish I never gave it to them. OOOh and i got a new flickr account then I went for a walk in brick lane but my camera had no batteries so i couldnt take any pics.. great 1 flickr site with no photos.. that sucks :(