I rekon its the hubby whos HARDNOCK

LOL here are some more pics from Hardnock.. ironically the football was on and as that seems to stop this country from functioning; then not many people were able to drag themselves way from the couch. Im still not a fan of watching sweaty grown men run around in shorts and cant understand why people throw soo much time and money at it... but then most people dont understand me so who cares.

I have heaps of new tunes in my computer... but I cant be boverd too upload and sort them all out for you, partially cos I want to make a new mixtape instead so im working on that. So instead I have just pinched the targets off other blogs and point you in the right direction =D

I seem to have picked up quite a few gypsy-esque tunes recently heres one of my faves.. but some one please explain.. where are the all coming from??