++++ FReAkSh0w ++++

My era on the IOW is ended... gone are the days of being free of the real world. Yet just before I left I finally fell in love.. not with a girl... but with a little circus act that I would love to share with you all. If you can imagine for a moment how I felt; when in the quaint little seaside town which I was living in to escape all of the frantic reality of my rather crazy life. I stumbled into a bar laden with the most motley collection of people I have seen for years. What a Po-Mo juxtaposition it was, pretty goths dressed up as police ladies, band members with purple dreads, locals in there jeans and t-shirt uniforms, everybody drunk and grimly enjoying themselves. Then the band started to play ....

... and I stood breathless, bowing to a new found craze!!!

Now as you all know, I am no goth/emo. (Though I love dressing up, write a blog and love to listen to bizzare music which my mum and dad hate =D) I have been to several similar parties, in Antwerp - the vampire partys, in Amsterdam - the techno goth wherehouse raves, and when I was a kid in france we used to go to the absynth bar and listen too hardcore all the time. Maybe this strange evening opend my eyes to how much I identify with these people...... time for me to do some more research and maybe add this little element of me to the next phase of samamuze ;D