So, it seems another donking episode samamuze!!!, Check out the naghty little french rapper dissing that chick that you wanna have in the club. LOL not many of those where I'm at right now!! Missssss my club days soooooo much but trying to take life real serious about it ---> read more here!!!

Why is the french alt scene sooo big at the moment????

Goldielocks has got anather cool little number out, I ripped it for Z-share if you dont want to give away your e-mail to get it, but they are giving it away for free too!!!

Summting new - cutti feat goldielocks (free mp3 download via Z share)
---- mad respect for goldielocks, and you can get it for free here too!!!! ------

Seems like they have finnaly understood- put a donk on it!!!

phat bass + beat + a pretty girl (or a nice piano) = FAT TUNE

sounds all abit like dutch techno-no???

Mad love to the odder part of this world :D