Beat the credit crunch!!

Google are not predicting a drop in profits, (In fact it looks like they are making more profit) and they continue to innovate with there most recent project, "The Tip Jar" which is using the moderater app, (what is the moderater app?) to make a usefull colection of money saving tips, which you can vote on.

We came up with a few homegrown money saving tips around the dinner table this evening an posted them up online, I will come back to you on there success; but here they are so you can comment below or maybe spot them online one day; I'm intreged to see how they work.

  • "Save water, share baths with family, friends or a neighbor."
  • "Save all your left overs, put them in a pot with a stock cube, cover with water and add some seasoning, boil for ten minutes, blend and make great soups."
  • "Shop in charity shops, you can find cheap clothes and great bargains and you are giving money to charity!!"
  • "Save the chicken bones and carcass from a roast dinner, boil with water and a few veg to make stock or soup, this can turn a sunday roast into two or three meals."
  • "Shop in the supermarket in the last half hour before it closes to find the best deals and clearance items."
  • "Refill empty plastic water bottles with tap water, get the same look without having to spend a few pounds on a new water bottle every time."